BTS REPORT FROM THE NEW LLOYD KAUFMAN DOCUMENTARY "BEHIND THE BOWTIE" --- Get the 2nd report by filmmaker Randy DeFord on interviewing B-Movie star, director, writer, and journalist DEBBIE ROCHON for his much-awaited documentary on Meister Troma himself.

The glittering, conformist, even bland McMansions are the distraction. First, they hypnotize, then cause ruin to anyone who can't afford them. -- A Photo Essay by Shannon Luster

SHARON JORDAN, the author of TIME SHADOWS, "talks shop" about psychology, writing novels, direct publishing, acting, and what it means to be an actor-novelist. A must read for all you writers & readers out there.

LLoyd Kaufman
talks filmmaking, culture, business, the future of cinema, net neutrality, and the ontological implications of mooning aliens. Read the interview...

...but were afraid to ask about the life of DARREN REA
Editor of the UK's leading Telefantasy & Cult Websites: SCI-FI-ONLINE & REVIEWGRAVEYARD
(includes a rare PHOTO OF HIS BIRTH, plus some EXTRAS)

Cultmachine's Interview with veteran journalist, fiction writer and VideoScope critic NANCY NAGLIN.

Indiana Indie Director Ann Tiemann Loggins discusses her latest horror film project with Cultmachine. Topics include: funding, inspiration, getting into festivals... more

Cultmachine talks to Distinguished Professor of English and renowned Shakespeare scholar Dr. Robert N. Watson about teaching, his current research, the importance of humanities, and what it means to live by the spirit of Shakespeare.

When all one reads and hears is: "This time it's different." Perhaps one should visit a ghost town and take a look at a world that was left behind.-- A Photo Essay by Andreas Kossak

Cultmachine's John Huff talks to THE PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES, editor and publisher of VIDEOSCOPE, the premiere magazine for: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Asian, Cult, Animation, Thrillers, Indies, Noirs, Art-House, Verite, Vintage, Exploitation and more...