Jack and Jill

went up the hill and...

...heard the Inland Empire call:

No money down,
McMansions for all,
'Cause you're kings with a crown!'

They went to see for themselves:
Down the road to paradise.

And there it was:
McMansion City

Where few still lived.

Where dreams had burst,

Where Wall Street schemes had popped,
As stock markets dropped...

Leaving families to pay

Or force them to walk away.

As Jack and Jill roamed the streets,
They wondered:

Will this ever come back?
Will people return?

Will the desert reclaim?
Was all this in vain?

And later at night:
Jill did a grin,
To see folk's castles of drywall and plaster;
Her mother whipt her, across her knee,
For laughing at people's disaster.

All Photos Copyright 2012 by Shannon Luster

Concluding Remarks:

Jill's not laughing now.

And so is nobody else, even thousands of miles away from McMansion City, because what started right here, where the goats now run free, is wrecking the future.

Quotes that Inspired Me:

Field of Dreams may have been referring to a baseball field in the popular - and often misquoted - "If you build it, he will come." In this case, build fancy McMansions, form a McMansion City, and they will not come (exception: Goats).

"All my life I've been searching for distractions. And you were the best distraction and now I don't even have you. Because I've beaten you. And you know what? In the end it was easy." James Moriarty - portrayed by Andrew Scott - to Sherlock in BBC's hit TV show, Sherlock. Moriarty may be talking about Sherlock, but my mind jumped to McMansions.

The glittering, conformist, even bland McMansions are the distraction. First, they hypnotize, then cause ruin to anyone who can't afford them, as well as economies and currencies. And in the end, it was easy! As easy as saying 'Yes' to signing off on the McMansion dream.

Jack and Jill, wake up and smell the Moriar - TEA!