Debbie Rochon has the distinction of being a cult favorite in B-movie lore. Starting at Troma in the 90s, she went from film neophyte to amassing an impressive library of over 200 films and was considered the absolute scream queen of the 90s.

Her relevance in the Troma family is beyond question. She has been featured on the cover of countless fan magazines as well as being a contributing writer to industry publications such as VideoScope. She is an actress who also writes and directs.

After verifying she would be attending one of the well known Midwest Horror Conventions in Indianapolis, I went to meet and talk with this exploitation film star.

What I wasn't prepared for was her short coif and hence, literally, walked by her in the vendor hall. The next thing I heard was a voice calling my name, exclaiming I had just passed her. After an introduction, I waited until the end of the daylight hours in the vendor hall and followed her back to her motel room for the interview.

She was calm and composed. Despite what I’ve seen or read about the woman with the drink in her hand or the on camera antics, her demeanor was that of a seasoned marketer with a big smile, polite responses and a desire to give you what you came for.

The word "candid" is thrown around a lot, but this lady actually knows what it means. Straight from the hip, get-ready answers on any question, always with humor, sarcasm and bite. I really enjoyed this interview. She didn't dodge uncomfortable questions or pretty them up for the sake of the camera.

Lloyd Kaufman told me on the initial discussion about this documentary that I could talk to anybody and ask any question - he stated clearly that he didn't even care if people said bad things about him. I echo that sentiment to each person I interview to let them know that he has said "hit me with your best shot".

Debbie's answers never took much pre-thought. She had a quick answer on each and every front and never said "pass". What she supplied was first hand confirmation of Lloyd's relevance in the world of film with details of what she personally felt he brought to the table, as both an actress and director. She also was in no hurry to complete the interview and gave me several minutes of material that will spice up this project from someone who has been "Tromatized" by the master himself. Pretty much documentary gold.

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