Award-winning TV producer, editor, journalist, blogger, and author, DAVID DAYEN, discusses his career and influences with AMANDA FRYE.   DAVID DAYEN is a contributor to SALON.COM, THE INTERCEPT, THE GUARDIAN, POLITICO, THE HUFFINGTON POST, and a featured guest on the NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT, MSNBC, CNN, and NPR, among many others.  He is also the author of CHAIN OF TITLE.  In this best-selling book DAVID DAYEN examines one of the great stories of our time: "HOW THREE ORDINARY AMERICANS UNCOVERED WALL STREET'S GREAT FORECLOSURE FRAUD."  Read this interview and learn about what it takes to SUCCEED AS A FREELANCE JOURNALISTtoday, and, on a lighter side, as a JEOPARDY contestant.

Multi-talented MATT KRAUSE found the common denominator for being a filmmaker, award-winning novelist, blogger, video-blogger, and much more.  He called himself STORYTELLER MATT.  In his interview with AMANDA FRYE, STORYTELLER MATT tells his own story. What it was like to grow up in a small Kansas town, break into Hollywood, collaborate with his feline muse HANK on a series of novels, and to embark on a spiritual tour of the Old World.   To read about STORYTELLER MATT click right HERE

Legendary author, journalist, publisher, and creative thinker, BEVERLY RUSSELL, discusses her new memoir DEADLINE DIVA with AMANDA FRYE.  In this interview, BEVERLY RUSSELL also looks back at her long career from writing for LONDON'S FLEET STREET NEWSPAPERS to being a RENOWNED MAGAZINE EDITOR IN NEW YORK.Of special interest is her view on the FUTURE OF JOURNALISM and INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHING.  Read it all here...

Read about an exceptional man who continues to inspire, even two generations later. The "Incomparable Acrobatic Contortionist" CARL LUSTER, a VAUDEVILLE STAR who performed with CHARLIE CHAPLIN, ED WYNN, and survived the infamous HAGENBECK-WALLACE CIRCUS TRAIN CRASH of 1918, also nearly completed a screenplay about his life on the Vaudeville circuit.  This unique document is now in the hands of his great-granddaughter, filmmaker SHANNON LUSTER. It has already inspired one of her films and will soon become the basis of a screenplay and a novel.  (Make sure to watch the awesome 1940 film clip of Carl Luster)

Cultmachine had the rare opportunity to go where no one has ever gone before: Deep into the mind of America’s preeminent Cult Horror Host, the venerable MR. LOBO!  In this interview MR. LOBO illuminates his mysterious beginnings as the Dharma Heir to the great Bob Wilkins, his skillful steering of CINEMA INSOMNIA through the shark infested waters of late night Cult TV, and the never-ending personal challenges of keeping Cult Horror coming straight at you… Duck and Cover...  Here comes MR. LOBO...

Cultmachine talks to Distinguished Professor of English and renowned Shakespeare scholar Dr. Robert N. Watson about teaching, his current research, the importance of humanities, and what it means to live by the spirit of Shakespeare.

Cultmachine's Interview with veteran journalist, fiction writer and VideoScope critic NANCY NAGLIN.

...but were afraid to ask about the life of DARREN REA
Editor of the UK's leading Telefantasy & Cult Websites: SCI-FI-ONLINE & REVIEWGRAVEYARD
(includes a rare PHOTO OF HIS BIRTH, plus some EXTRAS)

Cultmachine's John Huff talks to:

Editor and publisher of VIDEOSCOPE, the premiere magazine for: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Asian, Cult, Animation, Thrillers, Indies, Noirs, Art-House, Verite, Vintage, Exploitation and more...

Cultmachine talks to SCOTT VOISIN, author of the must-read CHARACTER KINGS.