Ted Markland Remembered

Ted Markland had already shot his day for us up on Parsons Ranch Road so when he showed up at Valley Vista Airport some were surprised. "The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd" someone else explained. Ted loved the movie game and he loved the movie set life. He came by to watch and cheer us on. Not to let an opportunity go by, Robert Stephenson (Pro Video) shot an interview with him in the Valley Vista hangar. --
John Huff

On the set of CYXORK 7, Valley Vista Airport, CA


Your typical film crew commotion until Ted Markland finally interrupts:

Ted Markland: We're rolling.

John Huff: Okay! Rolling... Settle.. Quiet... Okay... Ted Markland, what does CYXORK 7 mean to you?

Ted Markland on the set of CYXORK 7
TM: Work. It means work that I can once again play the bad guy. Although, I don't play a bad guy in this movie. It's a movie within a movie... within my movie--in my mind. I know, it's fantastic... It's all filmed in the High Desert where I live. I didn't have to go far to work. It's a chance to do some very exciting work, I think. I play a real, kind of stinko line-producer who wants everything done his way, who makes a big major mistake in the movie--which we won't tell you until you see the movie.

JH: Don't spoil it, yeah. You have played some great villains...

TM: Yes, thank you.

JH: Describe some of the villains...

TM: Well, one of the last films I played (laughs) was ANOTHER 48 HOURS, Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte... I was the biker that went: "Let's get'em! Let's get Reggie and kill him!" You know one of those guys... I tried to kill him all through the movie, but I couldn't. And before that I did, ahh... This reminds me of that movie I did with Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields in the Grand Canyon WANDA NEVADA, where I was this Bebop guy like this... in the ducktail trying to.. I was shooting people actually, but I also wanted to get Brooke. She was 13 when we made it... in the movie! In the movie! So I've done a lot of heavies... and it's been a great time.

Ted Markland on the set of CYXORK 7


TM: LAST MAN STANDING, that's right, where Bruce kills everyone in town... and I was Bruce Dern's deputy, Deputy Bob, that didn't say anything...

JH: To me you were about the next to the last man standing...

TM: [laughs] Yeah, that's what I told him. I told Bruce for fun: "Listen, why don't you in have'em in one take just walk out and shoot guy with the two and the dog in the car, you've shot everybody and then (points gun finger to his head and laughs). That was, you know, Kurosawa's movie YOJIMBO. That was a good "shoot." I worked three movies with Walter. He's very good director, very good action director...

JH: Tell us about your comedy roots.

TM: Oh well, that's... you brought that up. Believe it, or not, but I did stand-up comedy in the Lenny Bruce days and Lenny became a fan of mine, I was a fan of his, and he sort of was my manager. He got me jobs all around the country. The "Blue Angel" in New York, the... let's see.. the "Padded Cell" in Minneapolis.. and it was a padded cell and the "Purple Onion" (and here) in San Francisco and Los Angeles. And I started doing that and then I started working more as an actor... and so I kind of dropped away from that.

JH: You wouldn't bless me with a little bit of...

TM: Burt?


TM: Oh, that's the guy who used to... there was a famous stuntman who used to do a bit on John Wayne and Walter Brennan being alone in the trailer--and I've added to it--and it goes like: "Well, Cookie, it looks like we're all alone in the trailer... our guys are back in that town." "Oh, God, not again Mr. Dunson, please, not again..." "Want to take your teeth out, Cookie? (laughs) I say, I gotta love you, Cookie." "Oh God, gee, I can't stand it every time you do this to me, oh my God..." "I think I love ya!" (laughter). Oh, to anyone who sees this get a DVD and see this movie, alright?

JH: Thank you Ted.

TM: Thank you.


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