STEPHEN MANLEY – well known for his role as SPOCK age 17 on STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK and other impressive accomplishments – sat down to an interview with Cultscoop's own Interviewers SHARON JORDAN & SHANNON LUSTER.

Stephen Manley

Read here as STEPHEN MANLEY discusses working with such notable names like LEONARD NIMOY, DAVID JACOBS, and MICHAEL LANDON, to name a few.  STEPHEN MANLEY has also succeeded in television, acting on such hit shows like THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO and THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, which he talks about here too.  The interview also showcases STEPHEN MANLEY behind the camera as a Filmmaker.  STEPHEN MANLEY produced, directed, wrote, and
edited GREASEPAINT.  Read about that and more in an interview with impressive Actor & Filmmaker, STEPHEN MANLEY.    

You were cast as SPOCK - age 17 - on STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.  What are some of your favorite memories while acting on the set? 

Stephen Manley in STAR TREK III

STEPHEN MANLEY: "I was studying theatrical and SPFX makeup at the time and was thrilled to be working with TOM BURMAN, WES DAWN, and MICHAEL CAINE's makeup man, TONY LLOYD.  Great guys who shared a lot of info and technique with me.  Also, PON FARRING with ROBIN CURTIS for multiple takes!  She was a great young lady, and we had a good time working together. "

While acting as SPOCK- age 17 -, you worked with the legendary LEONARD NIMOY when he directed STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.  Would you like to share some favorite memories about Leonard Nimoy?

Stephen Manley

SM: "MR. NIMOY was a first class gentlemen.  He was very gracious with Robin and myself.  Wonderful with the crew and ran a great set.  I have the utmost respect for him."

produced, written, directed,
and edited by Stephen Manley

SL: You produced, directed, wrote, and edited GREASEPAINT.  What was it like wearing the different hats?

SM: "I was not acting in the film, so I enjoyed the whole process.  I enjoy composing compositions, lighting, and the creation of mood through performance."

SJ: You have acted in a number of hit TV shows, including THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, to name a few.  Do you have any memorable stories you would like to share with us about the TV shows you've acted on?

SM: "I could talk all day long!!  Working with JAMES STACEY on THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, meeting and forming a lifelong friendship with DAVID JACOBS who created DALLAS and a couple of series I was on is something I will always cherish.  Who did not want to take a cruise on THE LOVE BOATMICHAEL LANDON was a great guy also. "

SL: Who has inspired your impressive career in acting?  And how?
SM: "My grandfather, STEPHEN SOLDI, was my initial inspiration.  He started in silent films in 1919 and was a bit player and stuntman

Stephen Manley

SJ: What type of advice would you give to those interested in acting? 

SM: "Find a great place to scene study and train.  You will be around others who share your passion and you will have a sense of community that can help lead you in the right direction."
SL: Is there anything else that you'd like to talk about that we haven't covered?

SM: MICHAEL LANDON needed me to climb to the top of a trapeze for THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, it was a good 50 or 60 feet up a rope ladder.  I was hesitant until he said that KAREN PRICE, Miss January 81' was the stuntwoman I would be perched with… I was up there like lightning and stayed all day much to Michael's laughter and delight!"
SJ: What's next for STEPHEN MANLEY?

"You can catch me as MICHAEL MADSEN's drug dealer Cicero in DEATH IN THE DESERT, and soon to play both Jesus Christ for director KRIS KRAINOCK and also a Hitler inspired Neo Nazi for another project.  I guess my range is expanding!"

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley in STAR TREK III



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