Vincent Price maintained rare status for an actor: sought after and beloved for six decades. He could play in the drawing room, penthouse or torture chamber with equal charm and alacrity. He could hold his own with the best scene stealers in the business -- in fact, if you ask around, Vincent Price was the best scene stealer in the business. See him with Charles Laughton, Clifton Webb, Robert Mitchum, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and, yes, Johnny Depp -- Price always lifts more than his part of the frame.

The Live Face Masks of Vincent Price

In "The Young Vincent," see the early studio actor, fresh, open, fearless of risk. "The Elder Vincent" bears the unmistakable wizened roadmap of experience and a journey traveled. Yet, at this late mask Price is still doing some his most profound and poignant work ever. Few big actors make their last exit with work as strong as Vincent Price gave us.

Look at the two faces. The time between these two masks becomes a personal Rorschach for every fan who has been entertained by this master.

This is an excerpt from SHOP TALK WITH ROBERT DEVINE -- the Special Effects Master and head of ANATOMORPHEX -- which was produced as part of the "extras" for the DVD release of our comedy, CYXORK 7.

John Huff