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Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew from ASKEW CIRCUS










In Front of the Camera:
In Sharon Jordan's
Own Words

ASKEW CIRCUS is a multi-layered plot, taking the viewer through exciting yet unexpected twists and turns.  Writer and director, SHANNON LUSTER, has an interesting filmmaking style reminiscent of TIM BURTON and ORSON WELLES.   I have worked with Shannon Luster on several of her films, and each time, I am left excited to work on another Shannon Luster production.

Askew Circus is a bit askew – intentionally so.  The characters reflect that title.  With Shannon Luster's guidance as writer and director, we – the lead actors – all brought dimension to our roles. 

Actor ROD METTS is excellent as the quirky, conflicted JOHN ASKEW.  Actress ALEKSANDRA KYOSEVA is patient and yet confused BRANDI ASKEW.  And I was honored to don the hat of the master manipulator, POLY ASKEW

We do hope you enjoy watching the circus, Askew Circus.

Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew and Aleksandra Kyoseva as Brandi Askew


Behind the Camera:
In Shannon Luster's
Own Words

I feel honored to have worked with such a talented cast and crew. 

The atmosphere I wanted to create on set was comfortable.  It was a time for work, but I do not believe that professional is interchangeable with the screaming director.  The results from the comfortable atmosphere that I helped set as writer and director is evident in the actors' performances.  SHARON JORDAN, a colleague of mine in past and future productions, brought to life and before my eyes the devil in disguise, Poly Askew.  It was my first time directing Rod Metts and Aleksandra Kyoseva, and I am impressed at what they brought to the table with their characters, John Askew and Brandi Askew.    

A well-crafted film relies on the entire team in front of and behind the camera doing their very best.  And I believe Askew Circus is a demonstration of just that.  At the end of the day, films are made for the audience.  And what keeps me going is my passion for the art of filmmaking, crafting a piece that hopefully you, the audience, will enjoy watching. 

Come one and all and see the family drama embroiled and threatening to explode in Askew Circus! 


Writer and Director Shannon Luster working on ASKEW CIRCUS
Photo by Sharon Jordan

Shannon Luster directing ASKEW CIRCUS
with Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew
and Aleksandra Kyoseva as Brandi Askew -- Photo by Kati Russo




Rod Metts as John Askew and Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew
in ASKEW CIRCUS-- a behind the scenes photo by Kati Russo

Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew and Tracy Luster as Mr. Who from ASKEW CIRCUS

Sharon Jordan as Poly Askew holding knife in ASKEW CIRCUS

Shannon Luster and Tracy Luster with Kati Russo in background during production of ASKEW CIRCUS -- Photo by Sharon Jordan

Production still of The Brothers from ASKEW CIRCUS

ASKEW CIRCUS Official Movie Poster